Hydrangea macrophylla 'Bailmer' (PP15, 298)

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Care and Growing Tips

Endless Summer Collection of plants are chosen not only for their stunning looks and repeat blooming ability, but also for their great performance in a wide range of applications, settings and zones. Like any plant, however, it’s important to exercise proper care to ensure you get the most from your plant all summer long, year after year.


Endless Summer® Blushing Bride Hydrangea is very forgiving and will not suffer if left unpruned or if it's pruned at the wrong time. In fact, young, recently planted shrubs are best left alone. Unlike other Hydrangeas, your Endless Summer will bloom on both old and new wood.

  • Deadheading spent flowers will encourage new buds to set and bloom throughout the year.
  • Cutting blooms actually encourages more blossoms.
  • Consider cutting blooms for drying or using in vases.
  • Leaving spent blooms on plants through winter adds interest and help insulate new buds.
  • Do remove spent blossoms in spring.