Hydrangea Arrangements

Cut Hydrangea Arrangements

With their impressive colorful blooms, it is natural to cut and make hydrangea arrangements with Endless Summer hydrangea. They are an eye-catching addition as a fresh flower or in a dried arrangement during the fall and winter months.

Hydrangea arrangements are beautiful as a standalone piece or combined with other varieties. Within the Endless Summer Collection, the variety of hydrangea colors offers a stunning collection arrangement with vivid purple, pink, blue and white.

Dried Hydrangea Arrangements

Hydrangeas are also beautiful as a dried flower in arrangements. To dry your hydrangeas, cut blooms that are already beginning to dry on the plant and not a fresh bloom. This will give you a beautiful dry bloom versus a dying flower with no water. Then place the stems in 4" of water and leave them in a room with less sun. Allow the hydrangeas to finish the water and dry after the water is gone in the vase.

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