Design & Grow

From planting Endless Summer hydrangea to cutting blooms for hydrangea arrangements, here are easy planning, planting and care tips for Endless Summer® Hydrangeas.

  • In the Garden

    In the Garden

    Learn where and how to use hydrangeas in your garden. These plants are perennial bloomers, adaptable and reliable shrubs, so use these ideas to inspire your garden planning.

  • Planting & Care

    Planting & Care

    Purchased Endless Summer® Hydrangeas, but wondering now what to do? Follow these easy instructions from initial planting through summer enjoyment to winter care. These tips will help you grow big, beautiful blooms.

  • Cut & Dried Hydrangea Arrangements

    Cut & Dried Hydrangea Arrangements

    One of the best things about hydrangeas is creating arrangements for inside the home. Here are inspiring images and how-to information for cut and dried hydrangea arrangements.

  • Gardening Calendar

    Use this seasonal guide to plan your gardening year: visiting your favorite nursery, planting hydrangeas, changing hydrangea colors and cutting hydrangea arrangements.

  • In Containers

    Planting hydrangeas in containers is a great way to utilize their versatility, beautify different parts of the home and place hydrangeas in the best sun conditions. Try these tips to achieve incredible blooms and a beautiful container garden.