Upcycle items around your house into garden jewels

You don't need a green thumb and a big budget to make a bold impact on your backyard.

Transform a wheelbarrow into a planter filled with Endless Summer® hydrangeas.

What You'll Need:
- 1 Bag of Soil
- 1 Damaged Window Screen
- Your Favorite Wheelbarrow
- 2 Endless Summer® Hydrangeas
- 1 Power Drill and your imagination

Step 1: Measure an old window screen to fit inside your wheelbarrow. Cut out the screen to serve as your soil liner.
Step 2: Using a damp cloth, wipe down your wheelbarrow.
Step 3: Drill 3/4 inch drainage holes in the base of the wheelbarrow. Space holes 3-6 inches apart.
Step 4: Place the screen in the wheelbarrow. This prevents soil from clogging the drainage holes.
Step 5: Fill the wheelbarrow with soil, and plant your Endless Summer® Hydrangeas.
Step 6: Create a hole for each shrub you'll be planting. Add soil to cover rootball - this will aid in weed suppression and locking in moisture.

Check moisture daily.