Endless Summer® Hydrangeas Grace the Twin Cities Live Patio

We had a great time decorating KSTP’s Twin Cities Live patio this month. We used 3 simple, yet beautiful large containers that are filled with BloomStruck® hydrangea. To create this look, choose the amount of hydrangeas necessary to fill the container without becoming crowded...


Easy BloomStruck® Cut Arrangements

Cut 4 BloomStruck blooms approximately 8 inches down the stem. Strip the leaves from the stem, other than the leaves immediately under the bloom, and place in a vase of room temperature water. To extend the life of your cut hydrangeas, here is a tip we learned from our friends at www.HydrangeasHydrangeas.com...


Otten Bros. Event

A huge thank you to everyone that joined us at Otten Bros. on June 3 for the “Happy Hour in the Garden” event. It was a great night to learn about hydrangeas, drink wine and eat hydrangea cupcakes! A special thank you to our speakers and Endless Summer® brand ambassadors Alec Charais and Debbie Lonnee. There was a lot to learn and a really fun way to meet BloomStruck™.