What's Your Gardening Style?

So you have a yard. Now what?

We know that gardening can be a daunting task, especially if you’re starting with a blank canvas. With so many plants to choose from, how do you know which plant will fit your gardening style? Whether you have just enough time for a quick watering every day after work, or you enjoy dedicating long hours working in the yard, there’s something fit for every style – there’s even variations that thrive in containers for the concrete jungle dwellers out there!

NOW is a great time to garden. You can enjoy the beautiful weather outside and get your plants settled before the cold-weather months hit. Let us help you decide what to plant by taking our Big Bloom Theory quiz. After answering a variety of questions about your personality and gardening style, we’ll suggest plant varieties that we think would be a great fit. Don’t be surprised if it’s a match made in Heaven.

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