Tune into Pandora's ARTISTS REBLOOMED

Exciting news! We have partnered with Pandora to liven up your gardening and outdoor entertaining all spring and summer long. To celebrate living #LifeinFullBloom, we have curated a list of artists that have "rebloomed" and reinvented themselves throughout the years, come back with a new style or are living a second life in their performing career today.

We have everyone from modern-day "reinventionists" like Beyonce and Justin Timberlake to classics like Elvis and Michael Jackson.

“Who doesn’t love listening to music while they’re working in the yard?” said Endless Summer® spokesperson Ryan McEnaney. “Artists Rebloomed has something for most anyone’s music taste, takes the guesswork out of picking a station, and keeps you moving and energized while you’re out in the garden.”

To find the station, open Pandora and search for Artists Rebloomed; it will be displayed as a Featured Station. Search, click and play!

Container Gardening in Spring

It’s so nice spring is here and it’s finally time to stop dreaming about gardening and start planting! Have you visited your garden center for ideas? A spring trip to the nursery to see what’s flowering and what’s new is a great way to be inspired and get started. While there, you might be tempted to pick up a plant full of buds and blooms. Do it! Put it in a pretty container on the front porch and tell the world you are ready for spring. If a cold snap comes your way, it will be easy to bring it inside overnight or for a day or two. As soon as the weather improves, back outside it goes. Once it is finished flowering, your plant can find a permanent home in a landscape bed.

First Editions® Rainbow Sensation™ Weigela

Container gardening is an easy, versatile way of adding a pop of color to a front porch, patio, and outdoor dining area. In the spring for the front porch, First Editions® Centennial Blush Star Magnolia and Rainbow Sensation™ Weigela are great choices. Fiji™ Hibiscus will add a bit of the tropics to a sunny patio during the summer. Do you garden in a colder climate? It isn’t a concern with container gardens. You can grow gardenias and crapemyrtles just like your southern friends. If a classical, elegant container is more your style, go with Endless Summer® Hydrangeas.

Reblooming Endless Summer® Hydrangeas have beautiful flowers from late spring through fall. Flowering on last year's growth and the current season's means minimal pruning in spring and nothing in fall. In warmer zones, they are best in a place where they will have afternoon shade. And, since they are in containers, it will be easy to move them to that perfect spot.

Do you have a favorite color? With Endless Summer ®Hydrangeas, you have options. Blushing Bride has large white round clusters of flowers atop sturdy stems. It’s very elegant and great for cut flowers. Twist-n-Shout® Bigleaf Hydrangea has lacecap flowers that are blue in acidic soil and pink in alkaline soil. You can easily adjust the soil’s pH with container plants and get the color you want! BloomStruck® is our newest selection. It is both cold tolerant and heat resistant. The large mophead flowers will be pink or blue depending on the soil. Or, go with The Original Endless Summer® for gorgeous, classic 8” pink or blue mophead flowers all summer long.

If you are new to container gardening, visit the First Editions® or Endless Summer® websites for more tips and tricks. You will find tips for selecting a container, planting, plant selection, watering, and fertilizing. For additional help with your container garden, don’t hestitate to #AskAmy your questions! And, we’d love to see your container garden pictures. Be sure to post them on Instagram and tag them with #endlesssummerhydrangeas or #firsteditionsplants.

Celebrating World Health Day

As we continue to work longer and harder, managing stress levels has become a daily battle for most professionals. In fact, 80% of workers report they are stressed out by work.1 Considering there are 261 workdays in a year, that’s a lot of time spent combating those stress demons.

Find a Balance

As we settle into spring, one way to curb stress is to channel your inner ‘yardener.’ A yardener is what we like to call the modern homeowner who puts most of their emphasis on curb appeal, rather than traditional gardening.

Yardening combats stress on both physical and mental levels. We recently conducted a survey and 30 percent of respondents said working in the yard provided them with their zen moments.

Spending time outdoors naturally boosts your mood and provides an escape from the demands of our daily lives. From planning and preparation to planting and growing, each stage of yardening has its own unique rewards and lessons, plus you’ll feel a renewed connection with Mother Nature.

Increase Zen by Decreasing Planting Anxiety

While planting, working in the yard and digging in the dirt offer zen moments for many our survey also showed that 70 percent had anxiety about proper care for their plants. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Digital Help Desk

Get rid of any planting and maintenance anxiety by tapping into our new digital help desk, which offers everything from text messages reminding you to prune, water and more, to a real life gardening guru ready to answer all your questions.

Both our Endless Summer® Hydrangeas and Easy Elegance® Roses, which are designed to reblooom throughout the summer, now have text programs to offer monthly reminders and plant care tips. That means less time researching online and more time enjoying the fresh air! Plus, opting in is easy:

For Endless Summer®: Text Endless Summer to 730-95

For Easy Elegance®: Text Easy Elegance to 730-95

If you’re looking for answers to your yardening and landscaping questions, novices and experts alike can rely on Amy, our self-taught gardening guru for First Editions®. Ask away using our online form or on social media with #LetsAskAmy. Amy’s ready and waiting to answer your questions!

This spring and summer, embrace your inner yardener and don’t stress the small stuff. We’ve got your back!

1 American Institute of Stress

Hydrangeas, What the Heck?

Do you get confused by all of the hydrangeas in the garden center? They look kind of similar, but have different needs to maximize your bloom. To help with some of that confusion, we put together this chart with some of the most popular types of hydrangeas on the market. Remember: if you're looking for a reblooming hydrangea like Endless Summer®, look for the blue pot at your local garden center! Click above to download the printable "Hydrangeas, What the Heck?"