5 Ways to Get a Summer-Ready Backyard

Revamp and revive your yard with these fun and easy backyard ideas and inspirations.


1. Landscaping with Hydrangeas

Hydrangea Landscape

Looking for ideas as you plan your garden? Whether you are growing hydrangeas on many acres, or have a small garden behind your home, Endless Summer will be the instant hero of your yard. Check out these guides to garden design, container planting, softening a fence line, and more.

2. Planting In Containers

Hydrangea Landscape

Once spring is here, it’s time to start planting! A trip to the nursery is a great way to be inspired and get started. Put your plants in a stylish container on the front porch or back patio to freshen things up.

For a bigger project, try transforming an old wheelbarrow or bathtub into a planter!

3. Hydrangeas as Focal Points

Hydrangeas have large, impressive blooms that draw attention. Whether you use the blooms to enhance the entrance to your garden or as a focal point at your front door, Endless Summer Hydrangeas are sure to catch your eye.


4. Mix with Perennials

Mix with Perennials

Planting perennials and hydrangeas together will add interest to your landscape by mixing textures, colors, shapes and sizes. This gives your garden depth, excitement and multi-season blooms. Try planting hydrangeas with other perennials such as Hostas, Coral Bells, Astilbe, Bleeding Heart, Columbine, Brunnera, Ligularia, and Lungwort.

5. Soften A Fence Line

Soften A Fence Line

Hydrangeas are the perfect way to dress up an unsightly fence line. Soften the border of your yard with hydrangeas.

Gardening Calendar

Gardening Calendar

Do you know what to do with your hydrangeas when the seasons change? Find out when to prune, plant, and fertilize with this helpful gardening calendar!


Upcycle items around your house into garden jewels

You don't need a green thumb and a big budget to make a bold impact on your backyard.

Transform a wheelbarrow into a planter filled with Endless Summer® hydrangeas.

What You'll Need:
- 1 Bag of Soil
- 1 Damaged Window Screen
- Your Favorite Wheelbarrow
- 2 Endless Summer® Hydrangeas
- 1 Power Drill and your imagination

Step 1: Measure an old window screen to fit inside your wheelbarrow. Cut out the screen to serve as your soil liner.
Step 2: Using a damp cloth, wipe down your wheelbarrow.
Step 3: Drill 3/4 inch drainage holes in the base of the wheelbarrow. Space holes 3-6 inches apart.
Step 4: Place the screen in the wheelbarrow. This prevents soil from clogging the drainage holes.
Step 5: Fill the wheelbarrow with soil, and plant your Endless Summer® Hydrangeas.
Step 6: Create a hole for each shrub you'll be planting. Add soil to cover rootball - this will aid in weed suppression and locking in moisture.

Check moisture daily.

Do-It-Yourself: Dried Hydrangea Projects for Fall

As fall settles in and you start decorating for the season, take advantage of the beautiful drying blooms on the hydrangeas in your garden! With so many ways to use the dried blooms to welcome guests into your home, the décor possibilities are endless and the process itself is really fairly simple.

DIY Hydrangea Wreath
Our other favorite ways to use dried hydrangeas…

In a vase or container...
Hydrangea-In-Vase Make this Vase Hydrangea-In-Urn Make this Urn
On your mantlepiece… As a party favor… Hydrangea-Party-Favor ...Or as a centerpiece! Hydrangea-Centerpiece Have fun creating your wreath and share your photos on the Endless Summer® Facebook page or on Instagram using the hashtag #EndlessSummerHydrangeas!

Do-It-Yourself: Dried Hydrangea Vase Arrangements

Bring the beauty of your hydrangeas indoors with dried hydrangea décor. Create this arrangement in minutes and get ready to adorn any corner of your house that needs an extra *pop*.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Round up your supplies Supplies you’ll need:
  • A vase – we prefer translucent so you’re able to see what’s inside.
  • 3-6 pinecones, depending on the size of your vase
  • 5-6 dried hydrangeas
  • 1 roll of twine or raffia
Step 2: Fill the vase Instructions
Carefully stack the pine cones on top of one another, leaving about an inch or two from the top of the vase.

Step 3: Tie raffia Instructions
Cut 12-24” of your preferred raffia and wrap around the vase, leaving about 7” on each side to secure a bow.

Step 4: Adorn with dried hydrangeas And voila!

What are you planning to create this fall with your dried hydrangeas? Submit your photos to the Endless Summer® Facebook page or share them on Instagram using #EndlessSummerHydrangeas.

For more dried hydrangea projects, click here.

Do-It-Yourself: Dried Hydrangea Urn Arrangements

Enjoy the beauty Endless Summer® hydrangeas bring all year long, regardless of season, with this dried hydrangea urn arrangement – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Round up your supplies Hydrangea-Urn-Supplies Supplies you'll need:

  • Small to medium size container, urn or vase
  • 1 piece floral foam
  • 4-5 dried hydrangeas
  • 1 bunch of red-twig dogwood (we like to use Firedance Dogwood)

Step 2: Trim & Fill Hydrangea-Urn-Assembly Instructions:
Carefully cut back unnecessary length from the hydrangea stem using a pair of gardening shears so that the bloom rests on the side of the container. Insert into dry floral foam to secure in place. Continue until you’ve place all of your hydrangea stems into the floral foam, grouping blooms tightly together for a full look.

Step 3: Insert Dogwood DogWood-Urn Tip
We spray painted a few stems of Firedance Dogwood silver for an even more festive touch.

And you’re done!

What are you planning to create this fall with your dried hydrangeas? Submit your photos to the Endless Summer® Facebook page or share them on Instagram using #EndlessSummerHydrangeas.

For more dried hydrangea projects, click here.

What's Your Gardening Style?

So you have a yard. Now what?

We know that gardening can be a daunting task, especially if you’re starting with a blank canvas. With so many plants to choose from, how do you know which plant will fit your gardening style? Whether you have just enough time for a quick watering every day after work, or you enjoy dedicating long hours working in the yard, there’s something fit for every style – there’s even variations that thrive in containers for the concrete jungle dwellers out there!

NOW is a great time to garden. You can enjoy the beautiful weather outside and get your plants settled before the cold-weather months hit. Let us help you decide what to plant by taking our Big Bloom Theory quiz. After answering a variety of questions about your personality and gardening style, we’ll suggest plant varieties that we think would be a great fit. Don’t be surprised if it’s a match made in Heaven.

Take the Quiz >

Tune into Pandora's ARTISTS REBLOOMED

Exciting news! We have partnered with Pandora to liven up your gardening and outdoor entertaining all spring and summer long. To celebrate living #LifeinFullBloom, we have curated a list of artists that have "rebloomed" and reinvented themselves throughout the years, come back with a new style or are living a second life in their performing career today.

We have everyone from modern-day "reinventionists" like Beyonce and Justin Timberlake to classics like Elvis and Michael Jackson.

“Who doesn’t love listening to music while they’re working in the yard?” said Endless Summer® spokesperson Ryan McEnaney. “Artists Rebloomed has something for most anyone’s music taste, takes the guesswork out of picking a station, and keeps you moving and energized while you’re out in the garden.”

To find the station, open Pandora and search for Artists Rebloomed; it will be displayed as a Featured Station. Search, click and play!

Container Gardening in Spring

It’s so nice spring is here and it’s finally time to stop dreaming about gardening and start planting! Have you visited your garden center for ideas? A spring trip to the nursery to see what’s flowering and what’s new is a great way to be inspired and get started. While there, you might be tempted to pick up a plant full of buds and blooms. Do it! Put it in a pretty container on the front porch and tell the world you are ready for spring. If a cold snap comes your way, it will be easy to bring it inside overnight or for a day or two. As soon as the weather improves, back outside it goes. Once it is finished flowering, your plant can find a permanent home in a landscape bed.

First Editions® Rainbow Sensation™ Weigela

Container gardening is an easy, versatile way of adding a pop of color to a front porch, patio, and outdoor dining area. In the spring for the front porch, First Editions® Centennial Blush Star Magnolia and Rainbow Sensation™ Weigela are great choices. Fiji™ Hibiscus will add a bit of the tropics to a sunny patio during the summer. Do you garden in a colder climate? It isn’t a concern with container gardens. You can grow gardenias and crapemyrtles just like your southern friends. If a classical, elegant container is more your style, go with Endless Summer® Hydrangeas.

Reblooming Endless Summer® Hydrangeas have beautiful flowers from late spring through fall. Flowering on last year's growth and the current season's means minimal pruning in spring and nothing in fall. In warmer zones, they are best in a place where they will have afternoon shade. And, since they are in containers, it will be easy to move them to that perfect spot.

Do you have a favorite color? With Endless Summer ®Hydrangeas, you have options. Blushing Bride has large white round clusters of flowers atop sturdy stems. It’s very elegant and great for cut flowers. Twist-n-Shout® Bigleaf Hydrangea has lacecap flowers that are blue in acidic soil and pink in alkaline soil. You can easily adjust the soil’s pH with container plants and get the color you want! BloomStruck® is our newest selection. It is both cold tolerant and heat resistant. The large mophead flowers will be pink or blue depending on the soil. Or, go with The Original Endless Summer® for gorgeous, classic 8” pink or blue mophead flowers all summer long.

If you are new to container gardening, visit the First Editions® or Endless Summer® websites for more tips and tricks. You will find tips for selecting a container, planting, plant selection, watering, and fertilizing. For additional help with your container garden, don’t hestitate to #AskAmy your questions! And, we’d love to see your container garden pictures. Be sure to post them on Instagram and tag them with #endlesssummerhydrangeas or #firsteditionsplants.

Celebrating World Health Day

As we continue to work longer and harder, managing stress levels has become a daily battle for most professionals. In fact, 80% of workers report they are stressed out by work.1 Considering there are 261 workdays in a year, that’s a lot of time spent combating those stress demons.

Find a Balance

As we settle into spring, one way to curb stress is to channel your inner ‘yardener.’ A yardener is what we like to call the modern homeowner who puts most of their emphasis on curb appeal, rather than traditional gardening.

Yardening combats stress on both physical and mental levels. We recently conducted a survey and 30 percent of respondents said working in the yard provided them with their zen moments.

Spending time outdoors naturally boosts your mood and provides an escape from the demands of our daily lives. From planning and preparation to planting and growing, each stage of yardening has its own unique rewards and lessons, plus you’ll feel a renewed connection with Mother Nature.

Increase Zen by Decreasing Planting Anxiety

While planting, working in the yard and digging in the dirt offer zen moments for many our survey also showed that 70 percent had anxiety about proper care for their plants. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Digital Help Desk

Get rid of any planting and maintenance anxiety by tapping into our new digital help desk, which offers everything from text messages reminding you to prune, water and more, to a real life gardening guru ready to answer all your questions.

Both our Endless Summer® Hydrangeas and Easy Elegance® Roses, which are designed to reblooom throughout the summer, now have text programs to offer monthly reminders and plant care tips. That means less time researching online and more time enjoying the fresh air! Plus, opting in is easy:

For Endless Summer®: Text Endless Summer to 730-95

For Easy Elegance®: Text Easy Elegance to 730-95

If you’re looking for answers to your yardening and landscaping questions, novices and experts alike can rely on Amy, our self-taught gardening guru for First Editions®. Ask away using our online form or on social media with #LetsAskAmy. Amy’s ready and waiting to answer your questions!

This spring and summer, embrace your inner yardener and don’t stress the small stuff. We’ve got your back!

1 American Institute of Stress

Hydrangeas, What the Heck?

Do you get confused by all of the hydrangeas in the garden center? They look kind of similar, but have different needs to maximize your bloom. To help with some of that confusion, we put together this chart with some of the most popular types of hydrangeas on the market. Remember: if you're looking for a reblooming hydrangea like Endless Summer®, look for the blue pot at your local garden center! Click above to download the printable "Hydrangeas, What the Heck?"

Set Yourself up for Blooming Success

We get a lot of questions on how to maximize blooms on Endless Summer® Hydrangeas. In reality, they’re pretty easy-care and sometimes get overthought. One of the best things you can do is – after doing your quick spring clean up – to fertilize your shrub with a slow-release fertilizer. Now, you don’t want to overdo it, because over-fertilizing can actually slow down your bloom growth. Seems counterintuitive, but it’s true. You don’t want to live in excess!

So, once you’ve pruned any stems that didn’t survive the winter and you start to see green leafy growth, follow package instructions on how much fertilizer to apply. As mentioned, we recommend a slow-release fertilizer that is high in phosphorus. That is the element that encourages bloom production. If you’re not sure which one to try, as your local garden center expert for a bloom-boosting, slow-release fertilizer with a high percentage of phosphorus. They should be able to help with the exact kind in their store.

Once you’ve done the application in spring, you can just leave your hydrangea the rest of the season. If you’re anxious to apply more and the package instructions say it’s ok, follow their directions and apply again mid-summer. You definitely don’t want to apply fertilizer once you get too close to fall or it’ll cause it to keep pushing out flowers instead of letting it shut down for fall.

One other thing to note is that we get a lot of homeowners that apply the Color Kits, hoping that will fertilizer their plants. Unfortunately, that’s not what happens. The Color Kits are designed to simply adjust the pH of the soil to change the color of the blooms. There is no fertilizer in this, so you want to be applying both in spring (if you want to change your bloom color)!

Yes, you can STILL plant!

Spokesperson Ryan McEnaney spoke with the Minneapolis Star Tribune about fall planting trends and some of the best varieties to plant this time of year. Award-winning writer Kim Palmer dives into the story and gives great, actionable tips for planting in this great time of year. Click HERE or above to read the full story.

DIY Centerpiece

Who says you need a big centerpiece for your table? Not us! Instead, grab a few small vases, bowls, or whatever you have in your cupboards, fill them with water and then cut some of your favorite blooms from the garden. Sometimes the most simple can be the most elegant and beautiful. For this, we used a mixture of color, texture and foliage to set the table. In addition to Endless Summer® BloomStruck® hydrangea, we kept the cool tones with First Editions® Grape Lollipop™ Phlox, First Editions® Cotton Candy™ Phlox and Butterfly Blue Pincushion Flower. The centerpiece was warmed up with First Editions® Pumpkin Hypericum and Easy Elegance® Kashmir Rose. More texture was added using the heads of coneflower, astilbe blooms, boxwood foliage and daylily. Try your own arrangement at home and send us photos to share on Facebook!

Endless Summer® Covers Better Homes & Gardens

We are thrilled to announce that Endless Summer® hydrangeas have been selected to cover the August issue of Better Homes & Gardens. Each of the 4 varieties is featured on the cover, and again on this inside of the issue. If you haven't already, be sure to pick up your copy and flip to page 120 to read all about their "Favorite New Hydrangeas."

Endless Summer® Launches Text Program

Introducing The Plants That Text You Back! Text ENDLESSSUMMER to 73095 to receive planting and care tips delivered right to your mobile device.

The Endless Summer® Collection, which features easy-to-care-for hydrangeas that bloom all summer long, just made maintaining these elegant flowers even easier via a text message program that provides regular reminders and tips.

The digital launch coincides with the recent addition of BloomStruck®, the Endless Summer Collection's newest variety that produces intense rich purple or deep pink blooms consistently throughout the summer months and into autumn.

"Although Endless Summer provides gardeners with the easiest re-blooming hydrangeas to care for, there are still a lot of myths and confusion about what should be done to keep them blooming and healthy," said Endless Summer spokesman Ryan McEnaney. "Our new text message program provides timely reminders that will maximize the performance of Endless Summer hydrangeas, while also reiterating how easy it is to care for these plants. The end result is beautifully vivid blooms throughout the summer and fall."

Endless Summer consumers who opt in will receive text messages with tips such as when to begin fertilizing their hydrangeas, best practices for watering, and how to prepare them for the winter months. Reminders will be sent at relevant times and tailored to different regions and their respective weather patterns.

"Hydrangeas are one of the most popular plants for people throughout the United States," McEnaney said. "And while you can basically put them out in the garden or a container and expect them to bloom with little or no effort, a few tweaks can produce even better results. Now those simple tips, which focus on the four most common hydrangea growing faux pas, are just a text away."

The Four Biggest Barriers to Healthy Hydrangeas

- Wilting doesn't always mean water. On a hot day, it is completely natural for hydrangeas to "flag," appearing as if the flower is leaning to one side or wilting. Check the soil with your fingers, and water only if the soil is dry. Overwatering can damage or kill the root system, which results in no blooms at all.

- Pruning patience. It's common practice for many gardeners to prune old flowers or cut back shrubs in the fall, but Endless Summer hydrangeas don't need it. Instead, wait until spring when new growth is well on its way, then cut back old stems that don't have any emerging green leaves.

- Fertilizing for fitness. Overfertilizing can burn the root system, so it's best to fertilize only in the spring. Look for a bloom-booster fertilizer that is high in phosphorus.

- Winter warmth. Use 12-18 inches of mulch to protect buds that will bloom next year, especially for new plants that haven't been in the ground very long. This is especially important in cold climates; snow actually provides insulation, but if it melts and a cold spell follows, without mulch you may not get flowers until late in the summer. Gardeners in warmer regions should protect their plants in case of sudden dips into freezing temperatures during the fall, or cycles of warming and freezing temperatures that may kill tender flower buds.

DIY Hydrangea Wreath

As fall settles in and you start decorating for the holidays, take advantage of the beautiful drying blooms on the hydrangeas in your garden! Try using the blooms on a decorative container or make your own wreath to welcome guests into your home. The process itself is really fairly simple. Our frend Debra Prinzing from SLOW Flowers showed us a really simple way to create a simple DIY hydrangea wreath. Instead of putting fresh blooms straight onto the wreath, we cut blooms as they were starting to fade and dry on the shrub, dried them ourselves and then wired the dried blooms to the wreath. Watch the video above and click HERE for more detailed instructions. Have fun creating your wreath and share your photos on the Endless Summer® Facebook page!

Endless Summer® Fall Newsletter

In case you missed signing up for our latest newsletter, you're in luck! Don't forget to sign up HERE for upcoming quarterly emails.

 ES Fall Newsletter

Hydrangea Watering Tips

Even though hydrangeas require more water than some other shrubs, they don't like to be over-watered. It is best to have moist soil and not wet soil. One reason hydrangeas get over-watered is when they wilt in the afternoon sun. Our gut reaction is to run out and douse the plant in water, but STOP! That's not always the best option. Over-watering can actually prohibit future bloom production. Watch the video above for tips on watering hydrangeas!

How to Deadhead Hydrangeas

When your blooms start to fade, it's time to deadhead! Watch the above video for information on how and when to deadhead your hydrangea blooms to encourage re-bloom in late summer and fall.

Mother's Day Gift

Still haven't gotten a Mother's Day present? Well, it's not too late! Here's a last minute gift that will last all summer long, AND you get to spend time with Mom in her favorite place: the garden! Just save the image above, hit print, add it to your card and voila...tears of joy and excitement. Happy Mother's Day from all of us at Endless Summer® Hydrangeas!

What Makes BloomStruck® So Good?

Instead of just talking about how great BloomStruck® is, let's look at some real examples!

Win a FREE BloomStruck®

Want to win a FREE BloomStruck® hydrangea to start your spring garden? Head over to our Facebook page and tag your favorite garden center. Hurry, deadline to enter is Friday, March 27! Click HERE to enter.

The Health Benefits of Gardening

Did you know how great gardening is for your physical and mental health? Not only do you burn calories while you're enjoying your garden, but you are able to relax, lower your blood pressure and relieve stress! Check out Good Housekeeping's blog for a more complete list of the health benefits of gardening: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/health/womens-health/health-benefits-gardening

Endless Summer® Garden Designs

Looking for ideas as you plan your spring garden? Try these low maintenance garden plans for a Flower-Packed Entryway and Hydrangea-Lined Path!

30 Second Holiday Hydrangeas

Hydrangea bouque

Here's a quick and easy way to put a holiday spin on your dried hydrangea blooms from fall. We took dried BloomStruck® blooms, put them in a simple basket (we reused this from a gift basket) and slapped on a holiday bow. Voilà - holiday hydrangeas!

Hydrangeas make me feel...

Thank you to all of our fantastic Facebook followers for telling us how hydrangeas make you feel! Enjoy this beautiful image as we enter the chilly winter months.

Top 5 Garden Preparations for Winter

2015 Winter Outlook

It’s the time of year that we all secretly get excited for until we realize that winter’s chilly footsteps are quickly approaching: the cool down of fall. The blooms of hydrangeas are maturing to their beautiful deep fall color, the trees are starting to change and hypericum berries are blazing in an array of colors. But what do we see when we look at this year’s Farmer’s Almanac predictions for the impending winter months? The Polar Vortex is coming back with a vengeance. Especially for the for the Northern Plains and Great Lakes regions, it’s time to hunker down; we are told to expect temperatures that could drop to 40 below during the end of January and early February. So what does this mean for our gardens? How do we protect them from yet another extreme winter?

1. Hydrangeas: Hydrangeas took a massive hit last winter and many of us missed the big, beautiful blooms of hydrangeas all season long. To keep them safe this winter, start by tracking the weather, and when temperatures will be consistently below freezing, cover the crown of your hydrangea with mulch, leaves and/or straw before snow arrives. Snow insulates the crown and keeps it alive, so if you do not have snow cover, be sure the crown is fully protected from cold and wind. Covering the full plant with a garbage bag full of leaves, as well as the crown, is also effective on extremely cold nights. Another option that requires less work is to plant a re-blooming hydrangea from the Endless Summer Collection, as they bloom on previous year’s growth AND new growth. That means that even if the cold winter kills the buds on this last season’s growth, you will still see blooms on new growth in the late spring and summer. Endless Summer’s newest introduction, BloomStruck, has also proven extreme cold tolerance and has shown to be the earliest blooming and most floriferous hydrangea to bounce back after last year’s winter.

2. Roses: Roses can mean apprehension for many gardeners – especially when it comes to cold winter hardiness in the northern part of the United States – but with the right rose, they are an easy-care beauty just like any other shrub. We suggest the Easy Elegance Rose Collection, a stunning group of shrub roses that is bred for cold hardiness, heat tolerance and incredible disease resistance. Truly crown hardy through zones 4 and 5, depending on the specific variety, this is a tested collection of no-fuss roses that can survive even the coldest Minnesota winters and come back with blooming beauty each spring. These roses require little pruning, no rose cones and no special covering after their first year in the ground. In northern climates, we suggest covering new plantings with mulch, oak leaves or marsh hay in an 8” mound from the crown once the temperatures are below 32 degrees and the plant has gone completely dormant. An added tip to keep the plants disease-free throughout the winter and spring is to rake away fallen leaves and petals before mulching or snow setting in.

3. Evergreens: We all saw extreme winter burn from the cold wind on hedges of arborvitae last year. To prevent this, try different varieties of evergreen that are extremely cold tolerant and will survive even the worst of winters. We suggest Sky High Juniper from First Editions, a beautiful silvery-blue evergreen that is hardy to Zone 3. If you have a collector plant or two that tends to struggle in the winter, cover it with burlap or a protective material for the coldest and windiest days. Only do this if you have a really special evergreen that is marginally hardy. If you cover an entire hedge, then you lose the winter beauty of the evergreen, plus it simply isn’t practical to cover that many plants. A final note about evergreens: if you have heavy snow and are seeing the branches bending under the weight, they will bounce back once the snow starts to melt. Unless you are seeing breakage, allow the snow to grace the boughs and watch for them to perk back up in the spring.

4. Trees: Assuming they are zone-appropriate, there is usually little attention paid to preparing trees for winter. They are typically the reliable stand-by in the garden, and that remains true even with a fast-approaching winter. One thing to note is if your trees are starting to change color earlier than normal, especially in these first weeks of September. Trees that show fall color earlier than is normal for the species may be a sign of stress. This can be caused by poor soil conditions, too much or too little water, or if the tree is planted too deeply. Especially for younger trees, watch this for the first year or two after planting and, if necessary, transplant the tree. If you feel that moisture is an issue and have in-ground irrigation, switch from every other day to a weekly watering of your lawn to allow for a deeper soak and less frequency as to not over-water your tree’s root system. If the tree is planted too low, you can try grading the soil down so that the root flare – where the trunk flares out to the root system – is even with the soil level.

5. Container Plantings: Annuals aren’t the only plants filling containers anymore. Beautiful shrubs in decorative pots are a great way to create a focal point at an entrance, beautify a deck or patio, and accent a pool or outdoor dining area. Imagine a full container of Endless Summer hydrangeas welcoming your guests into your home! As we prepare for winter, there are a few options for what we can do with these containers: treat them like annuals, tossing the plants away and start fresh the next spring; plant in the ground to over-winter the shrubs; or keep the containers and protect them from the winter cold. Your first option, treating the shrubs as annuals, may be a bit off-putting at first, but if you look at the cost it’s the same to buy a beautiful shrub as it is to buy a hanging basket, and it allows you to bring a diverse range of plants to your landscape and home. Second, plant the shrub if you have the space, and keep it living year after year. The final option is to prepare it to over-winter in the container. If you live in Zone 6 or warmer, you can treat it like any other plant and lightly cover the crown and leave the container in place. For the colder parts of the country, cover the crown and move the container into your garage or basement once it has gone dormant. Lightly water the container throughout the winter, as it will not be receiving any moisture from the snow.

Looking ahead to another colder-than-average winter can seem daunting, but with the best plants in place and a few extra preparations, you set the stage for a beautiful and blooming spring. Wrap up, stay warm and enjoy fall before the cold sets in. Dig into the dirt and enjoy!

DIY Hydrangea Wreaths

It's almost that perfect time of year to start decorating with dried hydrangea blooms. One of our favorite garden writers, Debra Prinzing from SLOW Flowers, just wrote a great story on how to build a hydrangea wreath for your home. Click HERE to see how the simple how-to project can be done with hydrangeas from your yard!

New Blooms Complement Fall Color

This is the beauty of a re-blooming Endless Summer® BloomStruck® hydrangea - a new "blurple" bloom in late summer with the beautifully aged red-purple bloom from early summer, all on the same plant! This container was planted early in the season using 2 BloomStruck plants and the initial blooms are still in their full flower show with bright color. The second set of blooms is flushing out nicely with its striking blurple color set against the aged red-purple. Talk about multi-season interest!

Endless Summer® Hydrangeas Grace the Twin Cities Live Patio

We had a great time decorating KSTP’s Twin Cities Live patio this month. We used 3 simple, yet beautiful large containers that are filled with BloomStruck® hydrangea. To create this look, choose the amount of hydrangeas necessary to fill the container without becoming crowded...


Easy BloomStruck® Cut Arrangements

Cut 4 BloomStruck blooms approximately 8 inches down the stem. Strip the leaves from the stem, other than the leaves immediately under the bloom, and place in a vase of room temperature water. To extend the life of your cut hydrangeas, here is a tip we learned from our friends at www.HydrangeasHydrangeas.com...


Otten Bros. Event

A huge thank you to everyone that joined us at Otten Bros. on June 3 for the “Happy Hour in the Garden” event. It was a great night to learn about hydrangeas, drink wine and eat hydrangea cupcakes! A special thank you to our speakers and Endless Summer® brand ambassadors Alec Charais and Debbie Lonnee. There was a lot to learn and a really fun way to meet BloomStruck™.

Behind the Scenes in the Greenhouse

Want a behind-the-scenes look at your favorite hydrangeas? Here they are in the greenhouse outside of St. Paul Minnesota as we prepare them to ship for Mother’s Day. Look at the incredible amount of buds on our new BloomStruck™ variety! Did you know that this mophead hydrangea was actually bred from our Twist-n-Shout® lacecap hydrangea?...